Cllr Gill Keegan (Chair)
  Cllr Peter Rawlins (Vice Chair)
  Cllr Graham Smith
  Cllr Peter Rotherham
  Cllr Jack Everill

  Clerk in Attendance
  John Rowland

  Police Surgery; None this month

  Public in Attendance; Terry Cole (Part) Jon Gaskarth (part)

Apologies. None necessary

Police Surgery (outstanding matter)

82/16/6. Community Speedwatch Clerk to tell PC Scot Ramsell that there are several volunteers and what is next step

Declarations of Interest. None

MCC. This Agenda Item was brought forward as Jon Gaskarth had come to explain his business idea as a possible tenant for the MCC

132/16/1 Jon's family had an up market restaurant elsewhere with a Michelin Star chef. He also ran a successful construction company. This combination had drawn him to the MCC as a perfect location for another such restaurant. He was prepared to cover the cost of some extensive construction work and mentioned 100k. He lived in Sutton Coldfield and knew the area well in terms of customers and competition. The alternative or additional idea was to incorporate an art gallery where artists could display their work

132/16/2. Jon stated that he had contacted the agent Burley Browne two months ago but had been told that a lease was about to be signed. He had then contacted the PC directly. The Cllrs were appalled by this and would take this up with the Agent who clearly were not keeping the PC up to date

133/16/3 Jon was asked a series of questions about opening times, number of covers, parking, and noise. He answered well and not fazed by the prospect of a planning application and said that he was willing to rent the building asap, with a long lease with rent increases leading to a potential 20k pa. He would also use it as a base for the admin side of his business.

133/16/4. Jon left, after being thanked by the chair and the Cllrs agreed that they were impressed by the presentation. Clerk instructed to email Jon asking for a broad offer if he wanted to go ahead

Minutes of a meeting held on 23.8.2016 Agreed and signed by Cllr Keegan (Chair) as correct record of that meeting

Matters Arising from meeting of 23.8.2016 (and prior where ongoing)

22/16/5 MRRC Meeting held. Agreed that quotations would be obtained for a DDA compliant access slope from the front of the MRR to the village green footpath. Cllr Rawlins would provide a quotation. Freda Hastings has retired from the Trust
Cllr Rawlins

22/16/6 Church Lane Garages (repairs). Ongoing. Clerk will keep chasing

(Case number 233761)(Angela Wates)

37/16/2 Notice Board (Allen End) A new back to be put on the board
Cllr Smith

86/16/7. Flooding, Green Lane; Cllrs Keegan and Everill would get sand bags from storage and put in Green Lane
Cllrs Keegan and Everill

86/16/7. Green Lane flooding and Belfry. Cllr Everill was meeting Tracey Saunders W/B 4.10.2016
Cllr Everill

106/16/3 Dog Waste bins VG. After a long saga of misinformation from NWBC it was agreed that one of the litter bins on the VG would be painted red and would replace the small post mounted bin
Cllrs Keegan and Smith

134/16/1 Cost of disposal. Clerk stated that the cost from NWBC for emptying a single dog waste bin was 130 pa and the Parish had 8 including a waste bin. He was taking this up with NWBC as it was 8.5 % of the total precept which was not sustainable

134/16/2 Road signage; Refer to Correspondence item 4

119/16/3 Car partly on Pavement Church Lane (flat tyre) No MOT; Clerk had passed details (obtained from Cllr Smith) to police

119/16/5 HS2. Letter from family at end of Church Lane (re noise barrier HS2) Passed to HS2 and they were looking into it. Cllr Keegan would tell family
Cllr Keegan

Reports from Councillors

Cllr Rawlins.

135/16/1 Margaret in the village shop had spoken to Cllr Rawlins about the corner at the end of Church Lane which was very untidy. Cllr Rawlins will see what can be done
Cllr Rawlins

135/16/2 Fly Tipping. A common theme from all Cllrs and a growing issue. Agreed to get some "No Flytipping CCTV in operation" notices for strategic places in the community. May be able to get them from NWBC as the problem costs it money. Also ask Cllr Lea

135/16/2a. Keys to storage. He would get a set for each Cllr; Clerk would give him the set he had. Cllr Rotherham added that each Cllr should have a set of keys for the MCC as well. Cllr Rawlins would get those as well.
Cllr Rawlins/Cle

Cllr Everill

135/16/3 Fly tipping on A4091. Significant amount. Clerk had already informed NWBC after the August meeting but no action so Clerk to chase

135/16/4 Road Sign end of Crowberry Lane at junction with Park Lane. Virtually in ditch. Clerk to inform Debbie Poynton (NWBC)

135/16/4a. Gates to MCC; Needed a large lock to deter travellers. He would provide and then when the PC obtained another would be given his back
Cllr Everill

135/16/4b Car on verge at Bodymoor Heath turning. Clerk would inform police although they must have been told by now

Cllr Rotherham

135/16/5 Silver Hatchback car reported to him. Details were already with police

Cllr Smith

135/16/6 Gate to footpath (VG) Needed repair work which he would do
Cllr Smith

135/16/7 Trim track (VG); As Clerk had brought up before this was dangerous. Cllr Smith had removed some. It was agreed to remove it all. Cllr Everill asked for the wood.
Cllrs Rawlins and Smith

Cllr Keegan

135/16/8. TDCS; Clerk had responded to David Biggs (Chair) about his offer to publicise the MCC. Cllr Everill would liaise with David. Clerk would pass emails to Cllr Everill
Clerk/Cllr Everill

135/16/9. Boxes in Church; Reported that Penny Jenkins had found two old storage boxes in back room of Church with papers going back 100 years. Agreed to request permission to leave where they were. Cllr Keegan to ask Penny Jenkins
Cllr Keegan

135/16/10 Butchers / Wood Lane; Large artics still causing disruption and damage. Clerk to take up again with Planning ( and Highways)


135/16/10 Crowberry Lane; Environmental issues. Asked about the information received that the environment Agency had looked at water contamination in Langley Brook. Clerk would follow up as no further detail was known.

SWT No meeting held (Cllr Smith)


137/16/1 Results of Petition hearing before House of Lords not know as yet

137/16/2 Kingsbury Railhead Group; meetings carrying on and MHAG attending as that development affected all communities
Clerk/Cllr Keegan

Village Green Development and related matters

138/16/1 Susan Pallett Playground. Quotation needed for bark increase or replacement possibly using wood from Middleton Tree Services as a base. Cllr Keegan to get quote from Steve Fisher
Cllr Keegan


139/16/1. Finding new tenants. Priority. Cllr Keegan and Clerk had been in contact with Burley Browne over several issues.

139/16/2 Signs to let; the Burley Browne sign was now up after many weeks of chasing. Cllr Everill and Cllr Keegan would collaborate to purchase 2 signs at least 4 feet by 3 feet. One for the building and one for the end of Church Lane / A4091 junction. Cost 55 each Agreed
Cllrs Keegan and Everill

Correspondence since 23.8.2016

  1. Area Forum West; meeting Thursday 29.9.2016 at Hurley at 6pm. Clerk going
  2. Austrey Neighbourhood Plan. Has been submitted for formal consultation. Can be viewed on NWBC website (ask Clerk for details)
  3. Burley Browne (agent MCC); email in response to Clerk enquiry as to current position (21.9.2016) subsequently it seems that at least one prospect was told that the lease was being signed. This will be taken up with the Agent strongly. They advertise on Rightmove / Zoopla, Sutton Observer and CIN Business Focus. However a search on Rightmove did not reveal the MCC. Advertising costs are included in the marketing budget of 450
  4. Roads; Email from Debbie Poynton (Traffic Group) in response to request from Clerk. Several signs going up and scheme being designed for Middleton Lane. Unsuitable for HGV signs going up. Date not known as yet
  5. Dog Waste bins. Various emails. In summary after denying that Streetscape had removed the PC owned bin from the VG, they finally admitted they had removed it. Instead of replacing it as Clerk requested, a quote has arrived for dog waste bins emptying. Clerk has checked with other local councils (Kingsbury and Castle Brom) and they are charged separately. Cost is 130 per bin per annum. See 134/16/1
  6. Budget figures distributed to Cllrs showing position without income from MCC over 3 years. At 30.4.2019 balance of 3k and that is only spending on fixed costs with nothing else being able to be done
  7. Precept Consultation. Freedom to raise being curtailed further. Long document. Affects larger Councils more than small ones. MPC should try for say 2% for 2017/2018
  8. Coppice Lane; Following panic about road being closed Clerk has enquired as to what exactly was done on 16.9.2016. No reply as yet apart from Clerk email being passed to another dept at Highways
  9. Neighbourhood Plans. Email from John Crossling urging PCs to prepare plans. Appears conflicting information from NWBC employees. NALC have been talking to a minister. Still not at all clear as to what benefits are forthcoming. Clerk will email John with concerns
  10. Email from David Biggs (Tamworth and District Civic Society) (Re MCC) dated 16.9.2016. He had seen article in Herald and offers a place on their Facebook page. Clerk will give this to Cllr Everill at meeting to follow up. Clerk has emailed David accordingly.
  11. Clerks Magazine; Passed round at meeting
  12. Community buildings Grants. (already distributed to Cllrs on 16.9.2016) Only 60k allocated to the whole of NW for improvements to Community buildings. Middleton has two; MRC and MCC. Former is FOR the community latter raises money to be spent on the community so both are valid or so Clerk thinks. Item for discussion at meeting. Deadline end November 2016
  13. Email to Melissa Harvey of Toddler Sense with "closure" (MCC)
  14. Sand and sand bags Green Lane; Email requesting these from Clerk 24.8.2016
  15. Water from field onto Vicarage Hill. Email from Jane Pritchard stating that she had sent letter to Mr C Butler
  16. Speed watch; Email to PC Scot Ramsell advising that MOC had some 6 volunteers for this and asked next step
  17. Rates MCC. Email from Cllr Lea stating that it was very unlikely that MPC would get exemption whilst building empty. She will continue to research. Clerk will contact Steve Maxey
  18. Internal Audit; Letter to Adrian Johnson thanking him for his work and sending cheque for services
         Cllr Everill


PAP 2016 0486
  Applicant; David Greenfield
  Site; 4 Hill Lane
  Detail; Single storey garage to side and new roof section to existing house
PAP 2016 0309
  Applicant; Dr Brian Teall
  Site Middleton Hall
  Detail; Dismantle and removal of Leaford Cottage from Lea Marston and erection of same in grounds of Middleton Hall
   PAP 2016 0308
  Applicant; Dr Brian Teall
  Site; Middleton Hall
  Detail; Listed building consent for erection of Leaford Cottage in the Grounds of Middleton Halll_______________________________________________________________________________

Finance (Clerk had given Cllrs a full report prior to meeting)

142/16/1 Balance in Bank as at 12.9.2016 (allowing for unpresented cheques etc) 9967.93

142/16/2 Next Income; Precept and Grant September 6250.

142/16/3 Cheques for approval

HMRC On Cost Clerk Salary C/n 1907    131.80

Clerk Salary September c/n 1908 527.40

Prontaprint August 2016 c/n 1902 237.53

WALC subs 2016/2017 c/n 1901 234 (ND refunded 52 of that sum)

Eon MCC c/n 1903 12.96

S Rawlins c/n 1904 86

NWBC Rates MCC c/n 1909 (Oct) 548.49

NWBC  Rates MCC c/n 1906 (Sept) 548.49

EON MCC c/n 1905 18.04

All approved

142/16/4 The audit for 2015/2016 had now been finalised by Grant Thornton worth no additional costs and no qualifications


143/16/1 Cllr Rotherham stated that after police "raids" at Bassetts Pole the area had been quieter

143/16/2 Cllr Everill mentioned increasing use of off road bikes in the areas around Middleton

143/16/3 Clerk had received an email from the Chair of the TDCS asking Middleton to be represented in Tamworth 11.11 to honour the war dead. Clerk to reply saying that Middleton PC would try to ensure that it was represented

143/16/4 Cllr Everill tabled a letter from Paul Roberts (NWBC housing) in response to the enquiry from Cllr Everill. Firstly Housing needs data. There were 5 applicants on the waiting list for Middleton properties. This was in connection with the land upon which sits the MCC. It was a general enquiry. Any redevelopment would only be permitted if it had no greater impact on the Green Belt than the existing building. Secondly (re change of use) This would only be considered if marketing (and evidence thereof) could be provided to show that no alternative community use of the building was forthcoming. Affordable housing would be considered as an exception. However as it was a heritage building which sat alongside another one (the Church) and such use would have to be of a very high standard

143/16/5 Clerk had  received an email that day from Jane Pritchard saying that she would inspect the 90 degree bend in Coppice Lane (which is what the community thought was going to be repaired in the first place !)

Meeting finished at 10.15pm

Date of next meeting Tuesday 18 October 2016 Recreation Room 7.30pm.

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