Cllr Gill Keegan (Chair)
  Cllr Peter Rawlins
  Cllr Jack Everill
  Cllr Graham Smith
  Cllr Peter Rotherham (part)

  Clerk in Attendance
  John Rowland

Apologies. NA

Declarations of Interest. None

Minutes of a meeting held on 16.2.2016 Agreed and signed by Cllr Keegan (Chair) as correct record of that meeting

Matters Arising from meeting of 16.2.2016 (and prior where ongoing)

22/16/2 Heritage Sign. Deferred.

22/16/3 Clerk  mezzanine in storage. Deferred for above reason

22/16/4 Grit Bins Middleton Lane. NWBC have been told locations but no grit yet

22/16/5 MRRC Cllr Rotherham stated that a meeting of the trustees would be held early 2016. MPC then to meet with MRRC. ONGOING
Cllr Rotherham

22/16/6 Church Lane Garages. Cllr Lea to ask what the position was a this had been an issue for close on three years
Clerk/Cllr Lea

22/16/7 CCTV. Price of "bracket" 384. Clerk had contacted PC Scot Ramsell who would chase issue of location that police were apparently considering

22/16/8 Neighbourhood Plan. Meeting with NWBC (Sue Wilson) went ahead with Cllrs Everill and Keegan and Clerk. Decision to defer any changes to the development boundary etc until the revised NPPF comes along

22/16/9 Susan Pallett playground. Cllr Keegan to obtain quotation from Steve Fisher (bark surface) and Cllr Keegan has asked Steve to de weed the VG path
Cllr Keegan

6/16/5 HGV Signs and traffic calming. See correspondence

8/16.3 Ford. Still a major issue. See correspondence

23/16/1 Horticultural Society. The February minutes reported that the MHS were going to donate several hundred pounds to the PC. This was not correct and if there is a donation it will be a lot less.

23/16/2 Itinerant lady. Facts disputed but Clerk had referred the matter to the Police. No reply as yet. Cllr Keegan said that Cllrs should try to ensure facts were valid before reporting to PC. Cllr Rotherham at this point left the meeting

23/16/4 Ramblers Rest. Cllr Rawlins would obtain quote to repair the fence
Cllr Rawlins

From February correspondence

  1. Dog fouling. Emails to and from Deborah Palmer of NWBC. She is going to "spray" signage around the village. Clerk to chase Deborah for signs. Clerk has examples of flyers to be shown at the meeting. Invite to a meeting or meet in daytime. Suggested a dog waste bin at Hunts Green. Clerk to price

Reports from Councillors

Cllr Everill

37/16/1 Crowberry Lane. Cllr Everill had received some Road Closed signs when the ford flooded which he would put up when necessary. These may have been delivered as a result of the Clerks email to NWBC. Jack would store the signs.

37/16/1a. He had purchased very cheaply some union flags. Clerk to see if other communities were doing anything to mark the Queen's 90th birthday

37/16/1b.Suggested asking other communities who inspected their p/grounds. Clerk to ask Kingsbury

Cllr Smith

37/16/2 Notice Boards. One at Allen end would be looked and possibly repaired or replaced. Cllrs Smith and Rawlins and Clerk would look
Smith / Rawlins

37/16/3. Gate near "bus" shelter. Needs TLC. However Cllr Everill / Cllr Smith suggested that gate further down could be moved up. Clerk to talk to Greg Bancroft, footpath officer
Clerk Cllrs Smith& Rawlins

37/16/4. Overhang on footpath. Penny Jenkins wants to trim it back. Ask Greg to talk to Penny

Cllr Rawlins

37/16/5 Blocked Drains. Clerk to get NWBC to clear (particularly Middleton Lane and Vicarage Hill)

Cllr Keegan

37/16/6. Trees on A4091. No explanatory call as promised from Clint Parker and no consultation
Cllr Keegan

37/16/7. Butchers Lane. Two issuers a) HGVs ruining verges and blocking lane b) planning for businesses. Both issues reported to relevant authorities and awaiting response

37/16/8. Stated that Cllrs should always work in pairs where possible and necessary


38/16/1. Meeting set for 16.3.2016
Cllr Smith


39/16/1. Clerk would ask MHAG if they wanted a meeting to discuss whether group petitions in the Lords. Clerk stated that it would in his opinion be a waste of time and money for Middleton

Community Centre (MCC)

40/16/1. Clerk reported that there had been 4 viewings, at least one for a nursery. Also an offer of 300,000 to purchase. Latter would be rejected

Clerk would keep Cllrs informed. He would tell the tenant to remove internal fences and the partition in the baby room. Small exterior fencing to be retained

Village Green Development and related matters

Nothing to report

Correspondence since 16.2.2016 and issues arising. (list below had been circulated prior to meeting)

  1. Tamworth Local Plan 2006/2031. Notification of the decision to adopt the Local Plan. Sent to Clerk. Involves the National Planning Policy Framework
  2. Area Forum West. 25.2.2016. Attended by Cllr Keegan and Clerk. Police surgery prior. Topics covered local transport, HGV increase (HS2 mentioned of course) on local roads, car cruising on A38. Next meeting 9.6.2016
  3. Emails to and from Jane Pritchard (WCC highways) (with copies to Cllr Lea and others on a) Crowberry Lane Ford b) Potholes c) Proposed walk about. Action taken on Ford but as usual not at all successful d) Floods on A4091 and other roads e) cars stuck in ford (Police had already contacted Highways separately) f) Clerk told WCC that MPC not responsible for clearing debris from road. No actual reply to that point
  4. MCC. Emails to and from Burley Browne on letting. Advertisement details stipulated. Enquiry as to a surveyor to deal with dilapidations survey and Clerk contacted local firm used by Burley Browne. Emails to current tenants informing them that building needs to be cleared. Call from Tenant stating they would be clearing and painting
  5. Neighbourhood Plans. Meeting with Sue Wilson and Mike Dittman (Cllrs Keegan and Everill and Clerk. Useful discussion. Outcome was that there is a revised NPPF coming out and advice was to wait for that.
  6. CCTV Camera location. Clerk reminded PC Scot Ramsell and he will deal with this asap
  7. HGV. Butchers Lane corner and wholesale business. Damage to verges Clerk in contact with Highways. Jane Pritchard will deal with the vehicles. Clerk has contacted planning about the business to ascertain if planning has been approved. Access gates have been widened. No reply to date
  8. Lengthsman Scheme. Clerk in contact with Jo Gordon (Community Development Office NW) stating MPC are interested in being involved and having more information. Non availability of funding would potentially be a deal breaker.
  9. Grass Cutting. Quotation from Stuart Rawlins. Every two weeks Play Area (spring /summer/part autumn) at 22 per time and 20 every three weeks ramblers rest
  10. Beeline Community Transport funding appeal. Letter asking for donation. The service requires 20k pa to keep going. Clerk to say no
  11. Magazine; Council Courier (WALC) 2nd issue. Some interesting articles. Clerk will ask Cllrs to read and pass on.(12 pages)
  12. HS2 letter from Roger Hargreaves (between preparing cartoons) Are going to deposit with Clerk an electronic copy of the amended bill. Do not get exited Middleton has basically received nothing further than "negotiated" last year
  13. MCC and planning for possible change of use. Clerk contacted Christina Fortune re change of use. Sue Wilson and Mike Dittman were quite informative (see 5 above) but in short it will have to be a full blown planning application
  14. Play inspection services. Quotation from NWBC at 109.75
  15. Comment on Planning application (bungalow in grounds of Middleton Hall to dog kennels). Clerk wrote expressing MPC concern over noise etc when the Hall having functions and also the effect on the Courtyard businesses. No response as yet
  16. Traffic in Village and "20 is plenty". Despite verbal assurances from the police that they could not see an issue the Clerk had a reply to his emails stating that this is not a prescribed sign under the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002. Clerk has responded as clearly the asylum is now full! Get price for A3 signs to put on private land. Cllrs Smith and Keegan to walk the routes and identify potential locations
  17. Email from Cllr Rotherham; Crowberry Lane Ford. Cars stranded and other routes badly affected. Jane Prichard aware of all these places
  18. Heritage Sign funding. Clerk request to Alistair Rigby asking if there are any pockets of funding for this type of expenditure. Probably not but if the question is not asked!!
  19. Dog Fouling. Clerk has asked Debora Palmer to give some dates when she could come to the village and give advice on preventative measures


PAP 2016 0100
  Applicant Mr & Mrs Fulton
  Site; Fiddlers Green Middleton
  Detail; Replacement hay store
  Comments were due by 11.3.2016 so Cllrs sent links
Site plan at meeting; No action
  PAP 2016 0099
  Applicant; Mr & Mrs Fulton
  Site; Fiddlers Green
  Detail; Store ancillary to existing domestic garage
  Comments due by 11.3.2016 so Cllrs sent links
Site plan at meeting No action
  PAP 2016/0054
  Applicant; J Rowland for Middleton Parish Council
  Site; MCC
  Detail ; Enquiry as to possible change of use
PAP 2016/0106
  Applicant; McDonalds Restaurant
Site; Bassetts Pole
Detail; Display of illuminated signage No action

Finance (Clerk had given Cllrs a full report prior to meeting)

44/16/1 Balance in Bank as at 15.3.2016 (allowing for unpresented cheques etc) 12404.83

44/16/2 Next Income ; Precept and Grant 30.4.2016 6250 in total

44/16/3 Cheques for approval

J Rowland; Clerk Salary Feb 2016 527.40 C/N 1863

HMRC on cost re above 131.80 C/N 1864

Fazeley signs for "Library" 66 c/n 1861

Walmley Landscapes Various works 342.96 c/n 1862

Penny Jenkins ; tubs 60 C/N 1855 (Penny said this may be doubled up. Clerk to check

All approved

Public Questions;  None further

Meeting finished at 9.15

Date of next meeting  Tuesday 19th April 2016 Recreation Room 7.30pm

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