Cllr Gill Keegan (Chair)
  Cllr Graham Smith
  Cllr Peter Rotherham
  Cllr Jack Everill

  Clerk in Attendance
  John Rowland

  Police Surgery; PC Scot Ramsell

Apologies. None needed

Police Surgery (PC Scot Ramsell)

82/16/1 Bassetts Pole; Had recently escalated in terms of noise etc on a Tuesday evening. Several warnings and fines given out. Main problem was drug dealing so police were going there each week. It was a joint operation between 3 forces

82/16/2 Hunts Green Dairy farm. Temporary tenant had no issues in showing Scot around the whole premises. There was no sign of any cannabis activity at all. Refer also to correspondence

82/16/3 Fete; Police would be there with at least a stand if not the mobile police station (engine blew up!). Scot hoped to get two newer police cars as well and would bring lots of handouts

82/16/4. New Police Commissioner. Clerk to invite him to a PC meeting and generally make contact. It was clear that Middleton is low on the radar as an area with a high crime rate

82/16/5 Area Forum West. Three priorities for police were always discussed and minuted. The latest were 1. Car boot sales; police had received complaints about parking and traffic flow (not in Middleton) 2.ASB in Piccadilly  3. "90 days of action" Scot has used this initially as a throw away remark but it had caught on and was now being used to define time frames

82/16/6. Community Speedwatch (where residents used hand held cameras to point at motorists. Training would be given but at least 6 volunteers were needed. MPC would discuss at next meeting

The Chair thanked Scot for coming along and giving MPC a lot of useful information

Declarations of Interest. None

Minutes of a meeting held on 17.5.2016 Agreed and signed by Cllr Keegan (Chair) as correct record of that meeting

Matters Arising from meeting of 17.5.2016 (and prior where ongoing)

22/16/5 MRRC Cllr Rotherham stated that a meeting of the trustees would be held early 2016. MPC then to meet with MRRC. ONGOING
Cllr Rotherham

22/16/6 Church Lane Garages. See correspondence. Mandy Bell had also been in correspondence with NWBC. Cllr Keegan would get a contact name from Mandy and give to clerk ONGOING
Cllr Keegan/

69/16/1 Land Drain. Vicarage Hill. Clerk had given owner details to Jane Pritchard

69/16/2. Rambler's Rest "woodwork" Done

37/16/2 Notice Board (Allen End) Cllr Rawlins suggested getting a new one as current one in poor repair. He would look for a quotation; ONGOING
Cllrs Rawlins/  Keegan

53/16/3. Footpath entrance. Cllr Rotherham had two "shut the gate" signs and would put them up ONGOING
Cllr Rotherham

Reports from Councillors

Cllr Keegan

86/16/1. Middleton Lane; Had a call from Pauline Birch about dangerous bend. MPC needed to look at possible signage and ask Jane Pritchard for ideas

86/16/2 Terry Cole has offered to clear some drains

86/16/3 "Contagious weed". Clerk to call NWBC to ask if they will remove these plants

Cllr Smith

86/16/4 Corner of Church Lane / Vicarage Hill. Needs TLC. Ask contractor (Russell Horton or Stuart Rawlins) who cut  grass to cut that as well in the short term

86/16/5. Gate to Village Green; Cllr Smith will carry out minor repair
Cllr Smith

Cllr Everill

86/16/6 Crowberry Lane; Recent flooding saw some serious incidents which could have resulted in death. Clerk suggested that photographs taken by Cllr Everill should be sent to Tamworth Herald to emphasize the nature of the ford and the lack of response from Highways or NWBC

86/16/7. Flooding, Green Lane; sandbags and sand needed to combat next weather system. Too late for recent one. Clerk had asked NWBC to let him know when bags would be ready to collect. Cllr Everill said the cause was probably the Belfry side and there should be a meeting with the Belfry and NWBC which he would like to attend

86/17/8. Debris. Left over from recent flooding needed to be cleared and the roads "swept" Clerk to contact Jane Pritchard

Cllr Rotherham

86/17/9 Hill Lane Fly tipping; Large amount currently at top of Old Tamworth Road. Residents have informed NWBC but Clerk to do same. Some signs from NWBC "No Fly Tipping" may be useful (Clerk to see what they had)

86/17/10 Road Closed. The PC needed more signs that it could put up along local roads in the event of flash floods. Although not technically legal it was considered that such action could prevent a serious incident such as recently occurred

Cllr Rawlins; (Points covered elsewhere)


86/17/11 Met with Deborah Palmer (Animal Warden) for walk around village and received article on dog fouling for MM. Useful meeting. Her observation was that our community was clean compared to most others


87/16/1 Cllr Smith had attended meeting. Just normal routine business


88/16/1House of Lords. MPC petition given 87/16/1. locus standi. Local groups planning to go down together. Clerk is Roll B Agent for MPC. Still trying to get mitigation for community.

88/16/2; Railhead Group. Very Active  and Cllr Keegan went to meeting held with HS2 personnel to meet one of the regional co ordination team of HS2 (during construction)

88/16/3. Surveys. Cllr Rotherham stated that HS2 appointed engineers are carrying out surveys locally of ground etc conditions

Community Centre (MCC)

89/16/1 Possible Tenant. Clerk summarised position for Cllr Everill as he had not been present at the previous two meetings. They were very keen and their business (Toddler Sensory) would fit in very well with the local community. Any lease would be carefully worded. Awaiting to hear dates for meeting. The building had to be put back for use as a nursery  / school at end of lease

89/16/2. Clerk was meeting another possible tenant over the weekend. However the fit was no so good

89/16/3. Clerk had arranged meetings for window replacement quotations. However if the possible tenants planned to alter the toilet block this actual work should be delayed

89/16/4. Services. Needed an electrician , plumber etc to look at building and ensure all services were in order and compliant
Cllr Rawlins

89/16/5 Drain Map. Cllr Rotherham suggested trying to get a map of the drainage system. Clerk would try Atherstone

Village Green Development and related matters

90/16/1 Cllr Everill had restored 4 benches at his own expense

90/16/2 VG edge needed strimming before fete. Cllr Rawlins would organise and Clerk stated that it should be paid work
Cllr Rawlins

90/16/3. According to Cllrs Rotherham and Everill there used to be 6 benches at the MCC. Current locations unknown

Correspondence since 17.5.2016 and issues arising. (list below had been circulated prior to meeting)

  1. LCR Magazine Summer 2016; Article on risk management from Came & Co (our insurance brokers) (page 21) Good article on organising a village fete! Survey results on clustering (joining councils together) Social media rules. Clerk will pass this around
  2. Sand bags. Email from Clerk to NWBC backing up email to Highways and call to NWBC over weekend.
  3. Hunts Green Dairy Farm (cannabis); Refer to emails to and from Clerk / PC Scot Ramsell. Result that occupier (!) Melanie let Scot go round all buildings; no evidence so perhaps another local "factory" He will have a look around. Need to report anything to him
  4. Funding; Clerk arranging a meeting with Alistair Rigby on opportunities. Will get dates and inform Cllrs accordingly
  5. Vicarage Hill; Land Drain. Clerk has given Jane Pritchard owner details of land relevant. No reply on what action being taken as yet
  6. Flooding Various emails etc; Report at meeting from Cllrs with discussion of gaps PC has in its equipment / notices
  7. Metal Detectors; want to do a dig on VG later after summer when ground wetter (as if!!) Agreed subject to provisos that any damage is fully repaired Cllr Rotherham dealing with this
  8. Revised contacts NWBC. Recreation Areas; Jaki Douglas 01827 719492 / Grass cutting on verges Lorna Palmer 01827 719280; Trees  at trees@northwarks.gov.uk
  9. Road Traffic Act; Schedule of roads affected by new 50 mph speed limit including 30mph. Details were forwarded to all Cllrs. including "map" Clerk will give this again at meeting. It will be put on notice boards. Comments by Cllr Rotherham are to the point
  10. Clerk meeting with Deborah Palmer (Animal Warden); Most useful. Article in MM June edition
  11. Email to Jane Pritchard re Central Reservation (etc) Grass on A4091 Action was taken immediately.
  12. Dog waste bins. Glasdon prices c. 90 to 170 (size and build quality)Order  for two to go in; agreed


PAP 2016 0264
  Applicant; Mr F Smith
  Site Hopwood, Church Lane
  Detail; Two storey extension and alterations.
  Note; this was raised at last meeting. Clerk contacted to go round to neighbour to look at issue of old lime shed being demolished and two storey extension obscuring the view of the property known as Church View. Clerk stated that the PC could not intervene but Clerk wrote to NWBC stating that it was disappointing that the old lime shed would be demolished as it had been a feature in the village for c200years
  No further comments
  PAP 2016 0298
  Mr C Smith
  Site; The Old Vicarage, Vicarage Hill, Middleton
  Detail; Erection of squash Court; Site plan at meeting
  No comments
  PAP 2016 0319
  Applicant; Mr & Mrs Saunders
  Site; Cross Green Farm Green Lane Middleton
  Detail; Single Story kitchen Extension car port and porch; plan at meeting
  No comments

Finance (Clerk had given Cllrs a full report prior to meeting)

93/16/1 Balance in Bank as at 21.6.2016 (allowing for unpresented cheques etc) 15873.40

93/16/2 Next Income ; Precept September 6250. Unlikely that any new MCC tenant would be paying rent prior to that date as rent free period would in all probability be agreed

93/16/3 Cheques for approval

J Rowland Clerk Salary 527.40 Cn 1866

HMRC on cost re above 131.80 Cn 1867

Prontaprint MM April 182.53 Cn 1868

S Rawlins Grass cutting 109 cn 1869

J Rowland Clerk Expenses Jan to June 2016 cn 1870 122.27

Penny Jenkins Plants and Labour cn 1882 140.93

Cllr Everill (Had put 3 gabions into ford to prevent bank erosion. Cost 600. After discussion agreed. Also asked him to get price for two more) Cn 1883 600
Cllr Everill

All approved

Public Questions;  None

Meeting finished at 10.35pm

Date of next meeting Tuesday 19 July 2016 Recreation Room 7.30pm.

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