Cllr Gill Keegan (Chair)
  Cllr Graham Smith
  Cllr Peter Rotherham

  Clerk in Attendance
  John Rowland

Public in attendance; NA

  Police in Attendance; NA

Apologies. Jack Everill, Peter Rawlins

Declarations of Interest. None

Police Surgery. None this meeting.

Minutes of a meeting held on 16.12.2015 Agreed and signed by Cllr Keegan (Chair) as correct record of that meeting

Matters Arising from meeting of 16.12.2015 (and prior where ongoing)

165/13/3. BT Box. Cllr Smith had installed another shelf. Needed sign changed. The community had received some excellent publicity in the Tamworth Herald. Cllr Rotherham suggested informing NWBC that the "emergency line" (Parish Emergency Plan) no longer existed. Clerk to contact Robert Beggs of NWBC
Cllr Keegan/ Clerk

165/15/4 Heritage Sign. Other quotations had been obtained with oak frames the preferred option. Cllr Rotherham stated that the Middleton coat of arms could be shown at the top of the sign. It was agreed that the words "historical", welcome careful drivers, 20 is plenty and possibly medieval could be included at the top. Then three "hanging" removal signs about driving carefully etc permanent or temporary could be used when appropriate.
Cllr Keegan

165/15/5 Clerk to contact Clive Mander re mezzanine in storage

165/15/7 Grit Bins Middleton Lane. Now established by Cllr Rawlins.  Clerk to inform Highways

150/15/1. MRRC Cllr Rotherham stated that a meeting of the trustees would be held early 2016. MPC then to meet with MRRC. ONGOING
Cllr Rotherham

150/15/2. Footpath Gate. Now installed by Cllr Rawlins Suggested sign about dog fouling would be attached to gate
Cllr Rawlins

166/15/2 Church Lane Garages. Clerk had contacted NWBC and had assurance that action would be taken. Clerk to keep chasing

166/15/4 CCTV. Price of "bracket" 384. Clerk had contacted PC Scot Ramsell who would chase issue of location that police were apparently considering

182/15/2. Potholes in Crowberry Lane and other places. See Correspondence. Clerk had sent and received emails about this issue. He would also remind Highways about the Napton incident when a cyclist had veered to avoid a pothole and was killed by an oncoming car. This had been brought to the attention of the Parish Council by Cllr Rotherham

182/15/4. Exit visibility from Crematorium. After emails to several authorities Clerk advised to speak to West Midlands or Birmingham

182/15/5 Slade Road / A453 Junction. See correspondence. Clerk referred to Staffs CC! Question of who owns the road /s. Article n Herald stated  that cars were driving over the central reservation

182/15/13 Neighbourhood Plan. Meeting with Susan Wilson of NWBC to be rearranged

182/15/9. Susan Pallett playground. Cllr Keegan to obtain quotation from Steve Fisher (bark surface)
Cllr Keegan

Reports from Councillors

Cllr Smith

6/16/1. Water pouring down Vicarage Hill. Clerk would look at issue and report as this was a hazard especially in winter. Cllr Rawlins had raised this issue with Cllr Smith and Clerk that day

6/16/2 Theft from Car Church Lane. A handbag snatched from car while owner waking dog for very short time

6//6/2a. Noise from event in Recreation Room. This would be taken up with that Committee by Cllr Rotherham with a view to enforcing the noise laws and also giving patrons more instructions about acceptable and legal behaviour
Cllr Rotherham

Cllr Rotherham

6/16/3. Hunts Green Incident. Also see correspondence. Police and authorities required a formal complaint which was virtually impossible to obtain in the circumstances. Clerk to discuss with CPSO Jane Owen. Response from PC Ramsell jus referred as stated above. Cllr Rotherham stated that offender had been apprehended later at another incident at another property but apparently just been taken home

Cllr Keegan

6/16/4 Accident involving car driven by player from AVFC. Clerk to write to club as driving in such a manner especially in such conditions not acceptable

6/16/5 HGV Signs. The village needed more signs. Take up with Highways and / or put own up in strategic places
Cllr Keegan / Clerk

6/16/6 Articles in Herald. These were good articles with pictures of the Crowberry Lane ford and the Table Tennis Table


7/16/1 No report


8/16/1 Meeting 7.1.2016. HS2 staff and local groups in Recreation Room. This was to discuss the Petition hearings on 18.1.2016.  The meeting was pleasant but totally ineffective as the HS2 staff had no power although they had been trying to assist local communities. Local Groups had also met to decide who would present each "generic issue

8/16/2 Petition (AP 2 and AP4) Hearing 18.1.2016. Clerk had represented MHAG and Parish Council as Ian Waddell was on vacation. Cllr Keegan and Di Rowland were also in attendance. Clerk spoke about Crowberry Lane ford, the T17 footpath and the Bodymoor Heath Lane junction. He told the Select Committee that there was a cheaper solution to the ford issue as stated by the engineers who cleared the ford AGAIN recently. He requested that HS2 look at estimates for this solution and also requested the cost details for the original request of raising the lane height. He explained the T17 route as tortuous and requested full costings of the HS2 footpath solution as against a bridge over the road and line suggested by the petitioners. QC for HS2 stated that the bridge would be 500,000! He presented the third issue above although the QC had previously stated to petitioners that matters that had not been changed by AP2 could not be raised again. Parliament TV has full video and transcript (also Hansard). Cllr Keegan suggested a full reply to Roger Hargreaves (HS2) letter of 14.1.2016 to which Clerk had referred in presentation. Clerk would write this

8/16.3 Ford. Clerk to chase Highways and NWBC again for response to new suggestion

Community Centre (MCC)

9/16/1. Meeting 21.1.2016 at 4.30pm to discuss options and situation

Village Green Development and related matters

10/16/1 No current plans apart from an early cut of grass as weather had meant it was longer than usual at this time of year

Correspondence since 16.12.2015 and issues arising. (list below had been circulated prior to meeting)

  1. Heritage Sign. Emails from Cllr Keegan to suppliers. Explain at meeting
  2. Register of Electors. Clerk has latest version 16.1.2016
  3. Slade Road / A 453 Junction. Emails from Clerk gathered in several responses one of which told MPC to contact Staffs CC. Another article in Herald w/b 11.1.2016
  4. Atherstone Neighbourhood Plan Notification. Some details of their application at meeting. This is an example of a large town application
  5. TDNL. Emails for Cllr Rotherham. Clerk to follow up although one was 2013. The other related to Jersey
  6. Animal Warden (NWBC). Email from Deborah Palmer about help with dog fouling. Plus a flyer about dog litter bags. Would be useful to explain our issues.
  7. Crowberry Lane Ford. Emails to and from Clerk. Clerk complimented last Balfour Team on going the extra mile and suggesting a solution.
  8. Sign junction of Coppice Lane /A446. Obscuring view. Clerk contacted Jane Pritchard who had already received complaints and instructed Aston Unity to take it down
  9. Traffic Surveys wires. Clerk emailed Jane Pritchard.10.1.2016. No reply to date as to who or why
  10. Precept 2016/2017. Council Tax base now received. Grant will be 630. Suggest precept is 11870 (12500 less 630) Need to complete form (in Clerk's finance file)
  11. Election costs. Clerk Queried the bill of 941.69 for recent elections. Breakdown makes interesting reading. Clerk to go through at meeting. If election had not been contested there would be only an admin bill(note in Clerk's Finance file)
  12. Night disturbance etc Park Farm (26.12.2015) Email from Cllr Rotherham with details. Clerk forwarded to police. No response as yet
  13. Lengthsman Scheme. Jenny Murray will contact Clerk shortly to discuss the scheme details. However it seems as if funding is nonexistent.
  14. Annual Meeting ; 28.1.2016. Clerk will attend. Newton Regis (7pm)
  15. Area Forum Dates. Published list
  16. Noise from residents Church Lane. Reported to police as a nuisance at 5.30 am. Police response was to pass into Borough Council. Clerk as passed details to NWBC. No response to date. Issue may be that a formal complaint has to be made!
  17. Potholes. Email from Clerk to Highways and some defect orders issued for "next available programme"
  18. Transformation Fund. This is still in progress with Lea Marston PC
  19. Council Garages Church Lane. Clerk contacted NWBC and case number 207521 issued from housing maintenance. They will contact Clerk (5.1.2016) No contact yet so Clerk will chase
  20. Crowberry Lane Ford. Clerk email to Jagjit Mahal. Once again no reply at all so Clerk will go a lot higher to obtain at least the courtesy of a reply
  21. CCTV PC Scot Ramsell is going to pursue this as MPC has had no response about positioning of a camera!!
  22. Parking at Crematorium on grass verge. Clerk email to Highways. It is West Midlands. Clerk will follow up.
  23. MCC letting. Replies from Calders and Burley Browne have been forwarded to Cllrs for discussion
  24. SWT and Trustees. Clerk confirmed to Heather Hill that Cllr Graham Smith and Greg Bancroft are the two MPC nominees and would she contact them accordingly


No new issues

Finance (Clerk had given Cllrs a full report prior to meeting)

13/16/1 Balance in Bank as at 19.1.2016 (allowing for unpresented cheques etc) 11641.21. However that did not include 3625 from Little Acorns (received late)so balance is 16909

13/16/2 Ongoing project (heritage sign) c. 2000

13/16/3 Next Income 5935 Precept plus 315 grant

13/16/4 Cheques for approval

J Rowland; Clerk Salary Jan 2016 527.40 C/N 1852

HMRC on cost re above 131.80 C/N 1853

P Jenkins Tubs 60 C/N  1855

IFO Commissioner 35 C/N 1854

Came & Co (Insurance) 1229.34 C/N 1851

J Rowland Keys 24 C/N 1856

Prontaprint 221.13 (MM December) C/N 1850

All approved

Public Questions;  None

Meeting finished at 9.20pm

Date of next meeting  Tuesday 16th February 2016 Recreation Room 7.30pm

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