Cllr Gill Keegan (Chair)
  Cllr Peter Rawlins
  Cllr Jack Everill
  Cllr Graham Smith
  Cllr Peter Rotherham

  Clerk in Attendance
  John Rowland

  Police in attendance; PC Scot Ramsell, CPSO Jane Owen

  Public in Attendance; Cllr Joan Lea, Nick White
Apologies. NA

Declarations of Interest. None

Police Surgery

19/16/1 The Chair welcomed PC Ramsell and CPSO Owen. Points discussed in no particular order;

19/16/2 Police were getting around all outlying villages as much as possible

19/16/3 The 101 number ( or 01926 415000)should be used to report all incidents and this could be anonymous but asked to be a no action report but to go onto a log

19/16/4 A new Neighbourhood Watch initiative ( and Young NW) was being undertaken and Clerk would be contacted. Details of current NHW coordinators would be given to Clerk. Middleton to be a "supported" village. Property marking / smart water discussed

19/16/5 Village Matters; Regular magazine for local issues. Would be on line. Hard Copies had been delivered. On line link would be put in Middleton Matters. Put in Church, Library, and Shop if residents wanted to read them. Quite long (8 A4 sides or A5) so expensive to print 300+ copies. Offer to deliver with MM but cost of printing!. Cllr Rotherham suggested over 60s luncheon club visit and other events such as next quiz

19/16/5. Police Response Team poster on Notice Boards

19/16/6. Stand at 2016 Fete or mobile Police Unit. Would be a major initiative

19/16/7. MCC. Clerk to inform Scot when vacated

Cllr Keegan thanks Scot and Jane sincerely for their attendance

MCC. As Nick White had attended specifically to ask about this issue it was brought forward in the agenda

20/16/1 Rumours that it was to be sold. Clerk explained that the Parish Council wished to keep the building and let it out. An agent was being appointed to market the letting of the building. If all else failed there would have to be a public meeting and consultation to discuss options one of which would have to be to sell. Another would be to use it as the village community centre

The Chair thanked Nick and Joan for attending. They both however stayed for the entire meeting

Minutes of a meeting held on 19.1.2016 Agreed and signed by Cllr Keegan (Chair) as correct record of that meeting

Matters Arising from meeting of 19.1.2016 (and prior where ongoing)

22/16/1. BT Box. Signs now ready to attach. Item would be closed

22/16/2 Heritage Sign. Agreed would be in oak. Cllr Everill advised a delay until finances from re letting MCC secure as the project would cost approximately 2000 including installation. Agreed. Clerk to ask if any grants available but doubtful

22/16/3 Clerk to contact Clive Mander re mezzanine in storage. Deferred for above reason

22/16/4 Grit Bins Middleton Lane. Grit bags at one location had been stolen. Cllr Rawlins would replace but after that the PC would not waste time or money
Cllr Rawlins

22/16/5 MRRC Cllr Rotherham stated that a meeting of the trustees would be held early 2016. MPC then to meet with MRRC. ONGOING
Cllr Rotherham

22/16/6 Church Lane Garages. Cllr Lea to ask what the position was a this had been an issue for close on three years
Clerk/Cllr Lea

22/16/7 CCTV. Price of "bracket" 384. Clerk had contacted PC Scot Ramsell who would chase issue of location that police were apparently considering

22/16/7 Slade Road / A453 Junction. See correspondence.

22/16/8 Neighbourhood Plan. Meeting with Susan Wilson of NWBC 1.3.2016

22/16/9 Susan Pallett playground. Cllr Keegan to obtain quotation from Steve Fisher (bark surface) Ongoing
Cllr Keegan

6/16/1. Water pouring down Vicarage Hill. Cllr Rotherham said this was a land drain. He would see what if anything could be done
Cllr Rotherham

6/16/5 HGV Signs and traffic calming. Debbie Pointon of NWBC had put together a proposal to reduce the 60mph stretches to 50mph. Clerk also to speak to her about other traffic calming measures and possible use of "20 is plenty" signs which had been refused so far by highways

8/16.3 Ford. Meeting held this pm (16.2.2016) with Jagjit Mahal of NWBC environmental services. Very little from the meeting. Jagjit stated that one reason for not releasing water from Crowberry L:ane Ford was that it was increase flooding further down (near A4091) This was disputed and Jagjit would ask for details of when the A4091 had flooded recently!

10/16/1 No current plans apart from an early cut of grass as weather had meant it was longer than usual at this time of year

Correspondence (19.1.2016 meeting)

  1. Lengthsman Scheme. Jenny Murray will contact Clerk shortly to discuss the scheme details. However it seems as if funding is nonexistent.

Reports from Councillors

Cllr Rotherham

23/16/1 Horticultural Society. Have some several hundred pounds to donate towards improving the approaches to Middleton. Cllr Keegan to discuss with Jo Hollis of the Society
Cllr Keegan

23/16/2 Itinerant lady. Was seen wandering around the village asking for taxi money back to Walsall. A resident obliged after allowing her access to her house but when taxi arrived the lady had gone. Could be linked to the incident in Hunts Green on Xmas night (reported January meeting). Clerk to ask police for any information

23/16/3 Slade Road (change of junction with A453) This was an ongoing issue. Refer also to correspondence

Cllr Everill

23/16/4 Ramblers Rest. Fencing was in very poor condition. Cllr Rawlins would investigate and get a quote from Steve Fisher
Cllr Rawlins

23/16/4a. BT Box. Gave Clerk an article about a BT box that had been operating as a library in Cambridge for 4 years and now told it needed planning permission. This had been appealed and sanity restored

Cllr Smith

23/16/5 Wooden Pallett. Dumped next to electricity substation in Church Lane. Cllr Everill would remove
Cllr Everill

Cllr Rawlins

23/16/7 MCC. PC should be transparent about this issue. Cllr Keegan would include an article in April MM by which time the results of agent marketing would be clearer
Cllr Keegan


23/16/1 Cllr Smith stated that there was to be meeting of the Trustees in March
Cllr Smith


24/16/1 Petitioning. Clerk to respond to letter from Roger Hargreaves of HS2

24/16/2. Awaiting results of AP (Additional Provisions) petitioning

24/16/3. Next issue would be House of Lords petitioning

Community Centre (MCC)

25/16/1. Change of Use. Clerk had enquired as to the process and cost of applying for change to use to say offices. Answer from NWBC had been that a full planning application would be required. Clerk to arrange if possible to meet with a planner on the same day as the meeting with Sue Wilson on Neighbourhood Plans

25/16/2. Marketing. Agreed that Clerk would appoint Burley Browne to market the building but that any marketing material should be approved by the Cllrs before being distributed

Village Green Development and related matters

None apart from 10/16/1 above

Correspondence since 19.1.2016 and issues arising. (list below had been circulated prior to meeting)

  1. Insurance. All renewal documents for 12.1.2016 now received. Brokers are Came & Co and Insurer is Hiscox. Cover is very comprehensive. Came & Co specialise entirely in insurance for Parish Councils
  2. BT Box. Clerk email to Robert Beggs (NWBC) stating that the village no longer has a BT box and this may have an effect on the Emergency Plan. Told just to make a note in Parish Emergency Plan
  3. Police Response Team. Poster for notice boards. A leaflet put through most doors. Clerk met PC Scot Ramsell and asked if he would want a page in April MM. PC Ramsell is coming to February meeting so discuss.
  4. MCC. Clerk has asked Richard Calder not to close his file (letting agents) until other avenues have been explored
  5. AVFC. Reply received to Clerk's letter about accident in Crowberry Lane. Rather generic and no apology (!) on letter just a statement that they told their players etc etc
  6. Grit "bins". New areas now updated on NWBC list
  7. Potholes. Emails from and to highways mentioning the Napton cyclist who was killed avoiding a pothole. Jane Pritchard will walk around with Cllrs. Date to be arranged. In the meantime some have been filled although only up to the usual standard!
  8. Dog fouling. Emails to and from Deborah Palmer of NWBC. She is going to "spray" signage around the village. Clerk has examples of flyers to be shown at the meeting. Wording could perhaps be put into next edition of MM. Invite to a meeting.
  9. Slade Road. Several emails about the ridiculous junction alteration with the A453. Culminated in an email from Mark O'Connell " We do not believe the recent amendments undertaken by Staffs CC... will have a significant effect on our network. However we will monitor the area to see if there are any increases in personal injury collisions" Clerk note; once again the community needs accidents to happen rather than take measure to prevent them. CLOSE ITEM
  10. Annual Meeting of Parish, Town and Borough Councils. Clerk attended a very well supported meeting on 28.1.2016. Will report more at meeting and give out some crime project notices distributed by David Reilly. Flooding a real issue in places as were potholes and HGVs. Austrey PC were asked to speak on their Neighbourhood Plan application (an agenda item). They had begun the process in October 2012 and were still working on it although it was nearing completion. Clerk asked them, if, knowing what they were going to have to go through was it worth it and would they do it again. Answer; no! Steve Maxey (NWBC) defended the process but no one was convinced. Clerk and Cllr Keegan are still planning to meet Sue Wilson on NWBC shortly to get her input and views!
  11. Traffic Survey wires. Clerk had response that these were at the instigation of Cllr Lea with a view to a recommendation that the speed limits outside the 30 mph zone be reduced to 50 mph. (Debbie Pointon called Clerk to explain) Clerk view is that 50 can kill just as easily as 60
  12. Crowberry Lane ford. Following emails to and from Clerk a meeting is arranged on Tuesday 16th Feb. at 3pm (same day as PC meeting. Jagjit Mahal, possibly Jane Pritchard to discuss options particularly that suggested by the contractors. Clerk did mention this at the HS2 petition hearing and requested that HS2 look at funding this alternative proposal. Clerk will chase this up after meeting. Quotations will be required. NWBC may be sympathetic! See above 8/16/3
  13. Playground Inspection Report. To be circulated at meeting. They do not include the exercise equipment in this. Rotating cone is included raking bark and lifting tiles under cone
  14. IFO registration. In place again until 25.2.2017
  15. Neighbourhood Development Planning for Health. Booklet sent to Clerk on how to promote health in the community. To be distributed and worth a read but really addresses how new developments should be carried out. To be handed out after meeting (circulated)
  16. MCC. Correspondence relating to this issue. Clerk spoke to Christina Fortune about planning regs. Bottom line is that any change would require full planning permission which was expected. Clerk will read out email at meeting. Refer to above 25/16/1


PAP 2016 0054
  Applicant; Mrs Cowell
Site; Bungalow Middleton Hall
Detail; Change of use to dog boarding kennels
Comment by; 2.3.2016
  Agreed that a letter should go to NWBC stating that in the Council's opinion this development could impact upon the peaceful operation of Middleton Hall and the businesses in the Courtyard commercial businesses
  PAP 2016 0044
  Applicant; Coppice Garden Centre Limited
Site; as above
Detail; Redevelopment and infilling of existing garden centre
Comment by; 3.3.2016
  Note. Front plan available at meeting. A lot of additional plans but this is main one
  No issues
  PAP 2016 0061
  Applicant Mr McCann
Site; 16 Hill Lane Bassetts Pole
Detail; Single storey side extension
Comment by 22.2.2016
  No Issues

Finance (Clerk had given Cllrs a full report prior to meeting)

29/16/1 Balance in Bank as at 16.2.2016 (allowing for unpresented cheques etc) 13472.79.

29/16/2 Ongoing project (heritage sign) c. 2000 Deferred see above

29/16/3 Next Income 5935 Precept plus 315 grant (30.4.2016)

29/16/4 Cheques for approval

J Rowland; Clerk Salary Feb 2016 527.40 C/N 1858

HMRC on cost re above 131.80 C/N 11859

Prontaprint Feb MM 192.53 C/N 1860

NWBC Election Costs 2015 941.69 C/N 1857

Fazeley signs for "Library" 66 c/n 1861

Walmley Landscapes Various works 342.96 c/n 1862

All approved

Public Questions;  None further

Meeting finished at 23.15

Date of next meeting  Tuesday 15th March 2016 Recreation Room 7.30pm

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