Cllr Gill Keegan (Chair)
  Cllr Peter Rawlins (Vice Chair)
  Cllr Graham Smith
  Cllr Peter Rotherham
  Cllr Jack Everill

  Clerk in Attendance
  John Rowland

  Police Surgery; None this month

  Public in Attendance; David Jenkins, Nick White, Robert Webb

Apologies. None necessary

Police Surgery ( Not this month) two matters arising from June visit

82/16/6. Community Speedwatch "Ad" for volunteers will be in August 2016 Middleton Matters. Clerk reported that three volunteers had come forward and that he would notify PC Scot Ramsell accordingly for more details and cost / logistics of such an operation

Declarations of Interest. None

MCC. This Agenda Item was brought forward as all three members of the public had come specifically to comment on the MCC and potential tenants

116/16/1 Summary of current position (Clerk) The PC had received three "offers" of lease terms via the Agent Burley Browne. The businesses were a) Dog training for police and armed services animals b) Dance and voice / singing tuition c) Toddler Sensory.

116/16/2 Dog Training. The prospective tenant (PT) had put letters of explanation through the doors of nearby houses and the PC had received strong opposition letters. The PT did not wish to pursue as change of planning use was costly and the opposition would probably stop this use of the MCC

116/16/3 Dance and Voice Training. This was a relatively new business and MPC were concerned about the sustainability plus the initial request for a two year rent free period!

116/16/4 Toddler Sensory. This was a Franchise involved in play / learning activities for children of pre- school age. MPC had spent time talking to them and the Clerk outlined the current position. After a meeting with the business owners the Cllrs (not Cllr Everill as he was ill) and Clerk discussed the terms put forward by business. They wanted 15 months' rent free. During the first three months they would carry out alterations some of which would be potentially good for the MCC others were purely to suit their business model. This work included all floor coverings, new toilets, an archway in the main wall, and a replacement kitchen after taking down a partition wall, parking using a mesh type material, all electrics, lighting and all decorating. The nature of the business was such that concern was raised about traffic, parking and to a much lesser extent noise. Thus MPC emailed the business with a restriction on operating times. The business replied that they were not a "nursery" where customers left their children all day but a location where parents come bring their children for short sessions and remain there during the sessions. A restriction on hours would not be workable. That reply had been received the day of the PC meeting thus the Cllrs had not had the opportunity to discuss such. Cllr Everill stated that he had been to their existing operation (renting locations on a daily basis) It was well run. He stated that he had concerns on parking (the business had indicated the need for some 30/40 spaces and the traffic.

116/16/5 Discussion about this offer.

         Cllr Everill stated that in his opinion the floor covering did not need replacing as was intended by the business, especially after the recent structural work carried out by local contractors. He also did not agree that the toilets needed upgrading. The suggested "archway" was of no benefit to the MCC nor was the removal of the false ceiling and a new kitchen could be obtained cheaply

         Cllr Keegan stated that the toilets were well overdue for replacement and that the building would benefit by a new floor covering, kitchen etc.  There would be an increased number of sessions and the building would be used in the evenings to show potential clients around. The business did want to have a number of children's parties at weekends and this was in fact advertised on the business notice board at the current Streetly venue

         Cllr Rotherham took the view that this was a "wacky warehouse" in all but name and the traffic in that area of the village would be horrendous

         Cllrs Smith and Rawlins also expressed concern about the traffic, and parking and the operating hours requested which were effectively 24/7 all year

         D Jenkins stated that the proposed mesh type parking system did not work. He was also concerned about traffic and changeover times

         R Webb stated that the rental being asked was ridiculous and far too low. D Jenkins stated that a local business which rented out premises did obtain a higher rent. The Clerk suggested that if anyone could source a potential client willing to pay the 26,000 per annum as suggested by Mr Webb then could the PC please have details. He also stated that two local and professional agents had come up independently with the current rent being asked for the property in its current condition

         N White also was most concerned about traffic and parking in what was already a busy area of the village

         After further comments and discussions mainly on the issues above the Clerk suggested a vote; it was 4 Cllrs against having this business as a tenant (Cllrs Rotherham, Smith, Everill, Rawlins) with one abstention Cllr Keegan

         The Clerk was instructed to contact Melissa Harvey, the principal of the business and inform her of the decision. He would also instruct the agent to install a "To Let" board on the premises and one at the junction of Church Lane with the A4091

         Cllr Everill suggested instructing a marketing consultant and he was tasked and offered to contact two
Cllr Everill

         R Webb distributed a hand written note giving an "outline" example of a scheme whereby houses could be built on the site in partnership with a builder. The Clerk and other Cllrs stated that this suggestion would have to be the subject of a public meeting

         The Clerk explained the financial position of the PC in that the only income now was the precept and discretionary grant (Total 12500 pa) He would prepare a cash flow forecast for the Cllrs as without the income from a tenant the community would get no benefit from the precept as fixed costs would take up the whole amount

         The Clerk had received a quotation from Nu Homes for three small windows and a front door. Now on hold

         Three quotations for the roof work had also been obtained. Now on hold

         However MPC should get quotes for all work that the Cllrs thought needed doing before any future potential tenants showed interest
Cllrs Everill/Rawlins/Smith

Minutes of a meeting held on 19.7.2016 Agreed and signed by Cllr Keegan (Chair) as correct record of that meeting

Matters Arising from meeting of 19.7.2016 (and prior where ongoing)

22/16/5 MRRC Cllr Rotherham stated that a meeting of the trustees would be held early 2016. MPC then to meet with MRRC. Cllr Keegan had received a complaint from Mrs D Rowland and other residents that the access to the village green was not pushchair friendly. Also refer to correspondence number 11. Both Cllr Keegan and Cllr Everill would like this brought up at the next MRRC meeting. Cllr Rawlins stated that this would be 13.9.2016 ONGOING
Cllr Rotherham

22/16/6 Church Lane Garages (repairs). Ongoing. Clerk will keep chasing

(Case number 233761)(Angela Wates)

37/16/2 Notice Board (Allen End) Cllr Smith had affected some repairs to avoid the now unacceptable cost of a replacement. There were still some repairs to carry out (backing)
Cllr Smith

53/16/3. Footpath entrance. Cllr Rotherham had two "shut the gate" signs and would put them up ONGOING Cllr Everill will do this
Cllr Everill

86/16/7. Flooding, Green Lane; Clerk had received more sand bags and put in a request for sand. Monitor

86/16/7. Green Lane flooding and Belfry. Need to contact Belfry for meeting as that land is having an impact. NWBC to be contacted and also Jane Pritchard ONGOING
Cllr Keegan / Clerk

106/16/3 Dog Waste bin. This had been removed by persons unknown. Clerk had checked with Streetscape (Mark Kennel and Deborah Parker) and they categorically stated that Streetscape would not remove anything without PC authority. Clerk had ordered a new one from Gladstone as requested. Cllr Everill would obtain two large lidded bins cheaply
Cllr Everill

From Correspondence 19.7.2016

2. Road Closed signs. Clerk to chase

       3. Middleton Lane Signs. Refer to correspondence below

Reports from Councillors

Cllr Rawlins. All covered in agenda

Cllr Everill;

119/16/1 Fly tipping Park Lane and A4091. Clerk dealing with this

119/16/2 Resident in Church Lane. Cars constantly parked across her driveway despite a notice. Police to be informed as resident reluctant to give name after abuse given

119/16/3 Car partly on Pavement Church Lane (flat tyre) Cllr Smith to get reg. number and give to Clerk for transmission to NWBC and police

Cllr Rotherham

119/16/4; Reported another nail in tyre (again) to police

Cllr Keegan

119/16/5 HS2. Letter from family at end of Church Lane to PC asking PC to write to HS2 asking for noise barriers etc. Cllr Keegan to write back with address of HS2 as MPC after 6.5 years had been battling against HS2 with very little result as with all other local councils
Cllr Keegan

SWT No meeting held (Cllr Smith)


121/16/1 Clerk read out letter from NWBC Planning stating that there would probably be 164 planning applications relating to HS2 if the Hybrid Bill was passed in 2017 and that Parish Councils should be ready for this influx !!

Village Green Development and related matters

Refer to 22/16/5 above re access

Correspondence since 19.7.2016 and issues arising. (list below had been circulated prior to meeting)

  1. Funding for Community Buildings (WRCC). Paper sent to Clerk by Cllr Rotherham with examples of funding possibilities. Clerk will look into this
  2. Housing Survey; (NWBC) The papers were emailed to all Cllrs. Mainly applies to urban sites. It was an electronic survey and there have been complaints that it could not be distributed easily to Cllrs. That is correct. Clerk will look into this more
  3. Recovery and Wellbeing Academy. These are centres for the recovery from mental health issues. Several venues. Not really sure where the initiative is coming from and where the money is coming from or if free or fee paying. Clerk will find out if Cllrs feel that this is interesting
  4. Potholes. Email from Jane Pritchard 12.8.2016 (in response to that from Cllr Keegan) re potholes now marked and completed and the cutting of the grass on the central reservation of the A4091 (now done)
  5. Email to Jane Pritchard from Clerk (several issues) 11.8.2016) Subjects; a) Land drain Vicarage Hill b) Sand for Green Lane c) Streetscape damaging pavements in Church Lane(near shop) d) Green Lane post flood clear up e) Road Closed signs following Alan Mycock stating they had run out of signs. No response as yet
  6. Local Councils Charter (from WALC) regrettably looking like just another expensive way of stating the obvious about mutually beneficial working relationships between different tiers of local government. Clerk will pass this around
  7. Pensions Regulator. This is a legal requirement for all organisations (profit making or not) to register the fact that they have or have not employees that come under the PAYE scheme irrespective of how much they earn. The "staging date" (starting) for MPC is 1.2.2017 and Clerk has automatically enrolled and has an employer agent (MPC) reference number of 56225121. This automatic enrolment cannot be submitted until the staging date has passed (bizarre) Clerk will note the date for future action
  8. Fly Tipping Vicarage Hill. Photos taken of actual incident  by a resident and sent to NWBC and police by Cllr Keegan
  9. County Council Grants. Reminder that MPC can apply and Clerk requests any suggestion that can be an asset to the community and costed. Deadline late October 2016
  10. Snow Wardens for Middleton. Email from Stephen Rawson (WCC) asking MPC to organise snow wardens. Clerk has replied stating that the community does pull together but it may be an idea to put a short article in October MM?
  11. Village Green Play Equipment. Email from Diane Rowland following visit with grandchildren to SP playground and surrounding areas. a) Centre piece of SP playground walkway is slippery. b) Steps to Church Lane are not pushchair friendly. This was raised years ago when MPC were looking at the path to the VGH but the MRRC refused to countenance a path across the front of the MRR d) wooden exercise equipment around the VG slippery and dangerous. MPC needs a policy on all of this
  12. WALC Committee of Councils. Next meeting is 5.9.2016. Clerk possibly cannot go but has some information for the meeting about the broad content of what they want to discuss.
  13. Quote for work at MCC (windows and doors (really to be looked in conjunction with tenancy and finance available
  14. Notice map and letter re one day closure of 90 degree bend in Coppice Lane which is now beyond a joke. Clerk has put these on notice boards
  15. WALC; Leaflet on benefits of membership. Clerk will test the water on one current issue re MCC
  16. WALC subs 2016/2017 234; Will be in finance report
  17. Crowberry Lane Ford. Email stating clearance made on request (defect 261886) was inspected 25.7 and running well. Unsurprising as lack of rain then !!
  18. Warning signs Middleton Lane (et al) A disappointing response to the initial request for signs was followed up by Clerk which resulted in Clerk and Debbie Poynton from "traffic and Safety" driving the whole route and earmarking places. Debbie agreed the unsafe points and will come back to Clerk with suggestions as to which signs will be appropriate including those that state unsuitable for HGVs! Email from Cllr Rotherham of 1.8 was used as some leverage as well


No planning matters

Finance (Clerk had given Cllrs a full report prior to meeting)

125/16/1 Balance in Bank as at 23.8.2016 (allowing for unpresented cheques etc) 11603

125/16/2 Next Income; Precept September 6250.

125/16/3 Cheques for approval

J Rowland Clerk Salary 527.40 Cn 1897

HMRC on cost re above 131.80 Cn 1898

NWBC Rates MCC 548.49 cn 1890

S Rawlins Grass cutting 89 cn 1899

Glasdon; one dog waste bins CN 1894 103.82

EON (MCC electricity) cn 1889 20.80

Jack Everill; Supplies for MCC flooring 227.82 cn 1891

Martin Ryan Work on MCC 450 cn 1896

Terry Cole work on MCC 150 cn 1895

Adrian Johnson Internal Audit 2016 250 cn 1900

All approved

125/16/4 Clerk repeated his earlier raised concern about the state of the MPC finances should a tenant not be found for the MCC as soon as possible

Public Questions;  None

Meeting finished at 10.15pm

Date of next meeting Tuesday 27 September Recreation Room 7.30pm.

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