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The Parish of Middleton in North Warwickshire is roughly 5 miles from Sutton Coldfield and 5 miles from Tamworth. It covers an area of about 15 square miles and includes Hunts Green, Allen End and Hill lane.

The church of  St John The Baptist in the centre of Middleton village, dates from Anglo Saxon times and is mentioned in the Domesday Book. Unfortunately today none of the original Anglo Saxon church remains as it was rebuilt in the Norman style, probably towards the end of the 12th century.

Middleton village school next to the church was built in 1886 and did have as many as 100 pupils at one time. It was twice saved from closure but has now closed, with the children from Middleton village going to schools in Kingsbury, Curdworth, Coleshill, Sutton Coldfield and even further afield. The building is now used as a private nursery.
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The Parish of Middleton
In Middleton church there is a sculpture of two half brothers, Benjamin and Samuel White, whose father Samuel White was a great benefactor of Middleton, giving money to help the poor and needy of Middleton Parish. Until the school closed all the children received a loaf each year, given in a special school Whitsuntide service held in the church.

There are two other charities set up to benefit the young and old of Middleton Parish - the Lady Middleton Charity and the Middleton United Foundation Trust. Lady Middleton left money for a bible to be given to every pupil who left the village school, and this was carried out right up to the time of the school closure, while the Middleton United Foundation Trust gives financial help to young people of the Parish for educational purposes.

Middleton village pump is still to be found near to the church, and the village stocks were located near to the Green Man pub, which was once a farmhouse.

Finally, as is the tradition with many villages, Middleton is said to have a ghost. A figure dressed in black is supposed to walk from the church to a nearby cottage every Halloe'en. Has anyone ever seen it? - maybe or maybe not. But it is all part of the village history!